Friday, June 04, 2010

What's It Like?

Just look at this slice of life in our corner of the world.

Damned fine food and one is a devotee of either one or the other locations - but we tend to patronise one for the meat market (steaks you would not believe) and the other for the `que. But you see that ancient layer of smoke on all the walls? The old signage and older grandma with the butcher paper? It is like that every single day here.

Do not stand for rude city life, my friends. It isn't necessary. Get yourself a straw hat, pack your bags and guns, and c`mon. We'll buy your first links.


D.W. said...

The Missus and I spent the day driving around in "the big city," aka Louisville, today. After surviving the late Friday afternoon traffic, we escaped back down the interstate to our country home. If it weren't for some of the shopping that we have to do up there, I'd never go.

If we ever find ourselves down in your neck of the woods, we'll definitely stop in for some BBQ. That's my kind of eatin'.

Six said...

I am beyond ready to get the hell out of california.

LauraB said...

DW - Fri eve traffic? The worst. DO let me know if you guys get this way.

Six, leave as soon as you can. Texas is a fine place to wind up...