Thursday, July 15, 2010

Attack of the Amazon

Oh, Trooper and I hooted and cheered on the ever-pleasing Megyn Kelly over this.

I am confident it is posted hither and yon - I am just too undone right now to surf far from shore. But I wanted to merely note that her decorum, her refusal to let bullshit stand instead of facts, and her absolute trouncing of this moronic bimbo puts Megyn on my Save At All Costs list.

Think of it like that last chopper out of `Nam. She gets a seat. Period.

As for Kirsten? Something tells me she'll be moving on to MSNBC soon where her utter lack of facts and evidence will be cooed at and fondled. Fox doesn't need her.


Ed Rasimus said...

Looks like that, licensed attorney, high-paying Fox anchor and takes no prisoners. Can she cook? Could I have her baby?

LauraB said...

Who the hell cares if she can cook? I'LL COOK for her. LOL