Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Just A Bit Of Cloth

Just some threads and stars and bars but there is something to it, no?

That was found mentioned in this post (that the Ghost pointed to) - in Texas, it seems, even the homeless have some respect for that bit of history.

Now, I believe that the things that flag stands for cannot be erased by someone who thinks burning it is some sort of rockin' flipping off of the "establishment". Hell, the flag is retired by fire. Like a phoenix we understand that another shall rise up to replace it before long. Go ahead and burn the thing if it makes you feel better. That in no way diminishes its character or meaning.

Still, I like that it was saved in both instances by men who just did what they figured needed doing at the time. Whether it is mother nature's forces or the forces of men that attempt to bring it down there will always be men to hoist another.


Photograph by Thomas E. Franklin


Six said...

That is a GREAT post Laura. I'm a Giants fan but I've always respected Monday for what he did and Lasorda for his patriotism and support of the troops.
Thanks Laura. I'm so linking to this.

LauraB said...

Thank you! I was completely unaware of the Monday story...what a perfect snatch it was, too.

JihadGene said...

Bravo!!! Thanks for a moving post!

LauraB said...

Thankee, Gene Gene-y! Now I have that song in my head. Blame the Nyquil.