Friday, July 09, 2010

Over Your Head

Tam hits on a tender spot with this post re: space travel and NASA.

"Even the most Heinlein-quoting, Ayn Rand-lovin', taxation-is-theft Wookie suiters get all weepy when NASA takes a shot in the payroll, when the simple fact of the matter is that the only spaceships the federal government has any constitutional business building should be run by the USAF and have frickin' laser beams on them."

That institution hasn't done a damned thing well in years. I feel terribly for those entrepreneur types still living under that umbrella and coping with the bureacracy. They really ought to just move on to the private enterprises and let NASA die a natural death.

But this comment made me smirk.
"Orion died because of the treaty preventing 'militarizing' space...and the only people who had nukes then (or now) are governments for military purposes."

Now, look carefully at why the new administrator has been tasked with, "find[ing] ways to reach out to dominantly Muslim countries." The race for space - thus, global security - has already been lost. I am willing to bet rather a lot that the Orion concept will be tasked with resurrecting it all in a last attempt to gain that life-preserving superiority. Meanwhile, we can look at what was and wonder at what might have been.

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Yabu (EOTIS) said...

This was a great post. I hadn't seen the videos before. I've always thought this "space exploration" is a great conversation. On a related mater, we must continue to experiment with speed, and safety. We're not going anywhere until we "figure out / solve" how to travel faster than the speed of light. Fact, but it's not going to happen if the NASA programs continue to be cut back.