Thursday, November 11, 2010


Defense Tech has this, "“Is four-hours of reserve fuel on a C-17″ really necessary, Breedlove, who is in charge of Air Force plans, operations and requirements, asked during a breakfast with reporters in Washington.Read more:

I say it depends on if it's YOUR ass in the pilot seat.

Semi-relatedly, a very good friend notes...word is the thing has hit a very large number of important desks all around...good for him!


Ed Rasimus said...

There is a flying cliche that the three most useless things in the world are the altitude above you, the runway behind you and the fuel you left behind.

That being said, after reading the article, the discussion is a reasonable one. A "one size fits all" requirement is counter-productive. Two hours in the US in a C-17 will give you a lot of options. Three hours international ditto.

How about that abandoned commodity as the basis: Aircrew discretion!

There are some places where four hours might not be enough!

LauraB said...

I think your commodity idea the perfect one - it is their lives in the balance. If they want to play at it with numbers, let them!

But if it were me? All she can hold, Sir. All she can hold.