Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I Must Have Been Good This Year

Because Santa delivered this to me early. Sure, just an unassuming little black case, slender...not too heavy...
And then you open it and angels sing...
You know she's a darling in her dark earth costume. A little bit of a biter with that aggressive checkering, perhaps. But it suits her, no? And, yes, it comes with a lot of neato keen extras. Like lots of bullet containment devices. LOL

Maybe this is her better side?

I cannot WAIT to try it out! Trigger pull seems nice and easy. Now, admittedly, this one is light because it is polymer. But nothing about it is cheap or flimsy.

And the cool thing is we won a free holster at the GT Glocktoberfest so I can get one just for the wee thing. But first she needs a name.

I must have been very good, indeed.

P.S. If you want one, my pal can get it - there was some sort of mil/LEO discount program until December 31st so move fast! Leave a note in the comments if you want details.


Keads said...

VERY nice! I look forward to your report after running (her or him)! Please let us know what you name it!

My gift to me this year is a new Colt Defender. I have not got it yet!

Six said...

You must have been a very good girl this year. My compliments to 'Santa'. That's a sweet gun.

D.W. said...

That's a great looking pistol.

Can't wait for your first field test AAR!

LauraB said...

Thanks, all! The seller smacked his head with the realization that of COURSE I'd need bullets - but he got a break since he had some kind of nasty chest crud and he delivered it in the bad weather.

I think perhaps Sunday she'll get to play...or maybe it's a HE. Hmmm.