Wednesday, December 01, 2010


Sometimes a really nice, heavy case comes filled with a delight unknown...


Update: Go here to see the details - center fire, law enforcement, 10 precision carbine (click on the little ? icon for the Accustock for even more info that you don't need). Has the bipod and a scope whose details I am unfamiliar with - told him to see if another Leatherwood will fit...those things rock.


Brigid said...

I have JUST the outfit to match that.


Keads said...

So where do I subscribe to the random heavy case of the month delivered club!

Looks nice!

Ed Rasimus said...

That needs more info. Lots of glass, short, thin barrel...One says long range, high accuracy, the other says light caliber, short range woods rifle. A gee-whiz pseudo-camo plastic stock is a cosmetic, but some like it better than Grade I circassian walnut I guess.

LauraB said...

Y'all crack me up!
I edited to give you guys a link to assist in a more accurate level of envy or criticism. LOL

I'll let you know Saturday if it's as nice a tack driver as it seems.

Ed Rasimus said...

OK, it's a Gestapo weapon, perfect to accesorize the bustier, fishnets and stiletto heels with garter belt worn by all of the most well-outfitted SWAT commandoes.

I had thought it was for shooting Bambi in the woods then gathering around the campfire with shots of Jaegermeister all around to celebrate.

Or at least ridding the south pasture of hordes of rabid prairie dogs.

LauraB said...

I see, Ed, that you went for the Criticism. The Bambi guns are hither and yon and handy, to be certain. But some work demands a different set of tools.

You were right about the bustier (with MOLLE accoutrement, of course) and fishnets but the heels kept getting snagged on the diamond plate.

It is the Jaegermeister that disturbs me, though. I took you for a scotch man.

Ed Rasimus said...

Ahh, yes, for the delightful evenings with friends, a single-malt is the answer.

But different occasions require different libations. On the successful hunt the Waidman's Heil requires a nip of Jaergermeister--or better yet some authentic old country Schnappes (not that college kid fruit flavored syrup).