Thursday, December 09, 2010

Usual Suspects

I read this with some sadness...

Vandals have destroyed one of the most celebrated Christian pilgrimage sites in Britain and chopped down a tree said to have sprouted from the staff of Joseph of Arimathea 2,000 years ago.

The Holy Thorn Tree of Glastonbury, Somerset, is visited by thousands every year to pay homage and leave tokens of worship. Those visiting today were moved to tears on finding the tree cut to a stump.Read more:

Amazing...anyone who is familiar with that iconic rendition of Arthurian mythos by Marion Zimmer Bradley will be more than familiar with this...relic. Its loss is profound even if only considered as an object of age like the Carmel cypress trees.

England has lost. England has been lost, now, I fear. Sure, it might be some college stunt to express their disdain of history and paying for their own education. But a part of me leans eastward in that blame.

I am sorry for the loss and hope that the poor wreck can be coaxed into new life in the spring. Assuming anything is left of the place by then...

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