Friday, January 07, 2011

The Brass Ring

Well, now...I really don't know how to put this here without giving away too much...let's try this.

Trooper has finally found the home he has been looking for in the department. It uses his true talents and doesn't waste them on ticket writing. He gets to carry his rifle the entire shift and has already impressed with his ability to discern possible threats.

He has said - 6 to 12 months and then onto an even more critical and high-visibility role.

Meanwhile, his ease of mind and love of the job since making the change has been simply stunning. He is like a new man, full of hope. And the schedule as it stands now has been quite good - I hope he can retain it.

As for that other role? It will mean rather a lot more time alone. Difficult but...worthwhile. Damned proud, I have to say.

If you'll excuse me, I have to lift the curse on his old Sergeant now.


Six said...

Congrats Trooper. When I got burned out after 10 years of Motor duty I spent 4 years as a PEO staff weenie. It did wonders for my morale and definitely extended my career.

LauraB said...

Man, Trooper LOVED being on the Motor Unit. He saw so much, though...wicked hard duty, that. And the idiots who just have to make comments - freezing cold, boogers like icicles..."Cold enough for ya?"

He is just on top of the world, now.