Sunday, January 02, 2011

A New Me?

Go ahead, call me crazy...but I am giving serious thought to this. I'd have until November to get ready. And it would make for a dandy post-birthday event.

Today I managed a decent workout considering it has been awhile. But now that Trooper has his new duty he is gone more than not so I've plenty of time to get off my ass and fix I figure...why the hell not?

I think I'd rock that helmet, too.


Brigid said...

Can I just sit on the sidelines with a Guinness and yell "Woo Hoo Babe!" when you cross the finish line?

Keads said...

Do it! A co worker just did his first triathlon. He's fifty! I however must agree with B. as to my participation.

Six said...

Hell yeah! I'm considering one of these myself. Go for it. We can trade training tips. Of course you remember how my last try at stretching my athletic boundaries went. My leg is just now healed.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Hmmm. Not having one in SC means I'd have to sign up for Central TX.

Got a bunkhouse for me?

Lordy Morty but I need a good reason to get muh blood up and compete with deeds instead of words!

LauraB said...

Joan, you could always do the Atlanta run...but certainly you may bunk, pal! Anytime!

Six, I think if you can remain on your own feet you might be safe. As for my tips? Run like someone is shooting at you. That is what I shall have in mind.

KnB - no one could have a better cheering squad. Hmmm. B in cheerleader rig. No, best to not go there. The menfolk will make a mess of the place.

Me said...

I think I'm in. MD, PA, OH... Got some choice locations.

Now which leg to wear...?

LauraB said... know the only line that came to me..."the RIGHT leg". in correct...har! I crack myself up!!

You are spoiled for choice there, aren't you? But I'd be thrilled to know you were gonna do it!! I've a LONG way to go to get ready for it. But it has begun!