Friday, February 11, 2011

Art For Landlocked Mermaids

I stumbled on this site courtesy of a link from the Hee Haint. The art of Chris Howard...the Saltwater Witch stuff is amazing but...

I think I shall have to get a copy of this. I cannot see how I can live without it, really, since it has both of my favorite things. He has an amazing style and I spent a rather long while looking at everything.

It made me think, Joan, of you and the goes it? Inspired?


Keads said...

Ah. A haunting image. And yet one I love!

I dated a woman long ago that was a practicing Wicca. She chose her symbol or totem or whatever as a crow/raven. It was pretty hard to dismiss her faith as youthful exuberance. She had one tattooed on her back. She also had the pentagram there so I was freaked out.

To this day anytime I see a crow in the air I look up and say "Karyn, is that you".

She created a watercolor painting for me and it hangs in the kitchen. If you look very closely and know the history it is somewhat pornographic. To most it is a quaint painting. The quote from Khalil Gibran on it is still to this day true and unfulfilled:

"Would that I could be the peacemaker in your soul, that I might turn the discord and the rivalry of your elements into oneness and melody."

I need that image.

LauraB said...

For a very long time the raven, from the stories of Morrigan and Odin, has been a favorite icon. Add in the autumnal chill, my favorite time of year, and it becomes perfection.

You ought to post a picture of that painting. I'd like to see it!

Joan of Argghh! said...

Ah, yes, Autumn used to be my Mistress Muse. The water has called me back, however.

Visual art is such a private thing, needing copious amounts of private time and space. I hope to find it on the boat (no so much space as time) if it will ever quit raining and freezing.

That's a lovely thing, there, however. Why shouldn't you make it your own?

LauraB said...

I am waiting, Joan, on those glorious spring days to come so that you can get to your avocation.

But when the chilly autumn night tosses the waves a bit I hope you'll think of me and sketch out a little something suitable...

Keads said...

@ LauraB- I will post it. Anything created by another hand for me I truly cherish.