Monday, February 28, 2011

Skeletons and Their Closets

As found on Beck's Facebook, a link to this article.

"The second step, the KGB head informed Andropov, was a Kennedy strategy to help the Soviets "influence Americans." Chebrikov explained: "Kennedy believes that in order to influence Americans it would be important to organize in August-September of this year [1983], televised interviews with Y. V. Andropov in the USA." The media savvy Massachusetts senator recommended to the Soviet dictator that he seek a "direct appeal" to the American people. And, on that, "Kennedy and his friends," explained Chebrikov, were willing to help, listing Walter Cronkite and Barbara Walters (both listed by name in the memo) as good candidates for sit-down interviews with the dictator."

Such things happen all the time. Truly not strange bedfellows. Remember this when you start dismissing people who bring you information you think entirely ludicrous. A Senator was ready to help Soviets in any way possible. Several still are - they just call it something else and the young just go back to whatever viral video has caught their synapses.

The rot is deep and wide and this is only part of the reason why you may not be able to vote your way out of it.


Joan of Argghh! said...

Yes, that is the worry: that our votes are being subjugated by our own wallets as we pay taxes.

LauraB said...

One must starve the beast, surely. However, it comes with the price - "wings or song?".