Friday, March 04, 2011

Almost Good Enough

When a certain someone has a birthday, I do try to make it particularly special. Homemade cake is one way I manage to do so. Chocolate/chocolate via the Ghirardelli cocoa recipe. With extras tossed on. Ignore the Cthulhu-like decor. My good tips have gone missing and had to use the funky British ones that do not work.

Still, a nice treat to come.


D.W. said...

mmmmm...chocolate cake.


Brigid said...

Wow. That looks incredible. I've been lazy and just done the sheet cakes. Probably time to do up one right, like that. Happy Birthday indeed!

Keads said...

Sorry about the decoration as you say, but I must say CAKE! I do not care so much for presentation as I do performance. And to top it off, chocolate is my favorite!

Wonderful gift I must say!

Feisty said...


What time should we arrive?

LauraB said...

You guys crack me up - C, cake time is still pending...we've out of town guests driving in and I think they may have underestimated the size of TX. LOL

I reckon we might cut into it about 9p. Y'all come on by!

I reckon we'll go to the local bull riding first if they manage to break a land speed record. How's that for a welcome to TX?

B, no one will ever complain about your cooking! Besides, most menfolk don't really care what shape the cake comes in - as long as its there.