Friday, May 27, 2011

He's Running

There is some debate on if he'll go for it or not. I think that he will - I hear toes are being put into water to gauge the temperature.

This won't hurt.

(Caveat for the persnickety: I am not a big fan of the NRA, I am a fan of the wonderful folks at LaRue...)


Ed Rasimus said...

God Bless, Larue Tactical. I never leave home without my Larue Dillo (tactical beverage recovery tool) or my CHL equippage.

I'm hoping that Perry jumps in and brings some color to the candidate pool. I think he'd make a great showing. Lord save us from Newt, Mitt and Ron Paul.

Life Member NRA, but please don't hold it against me.

LauraB said...

Love the Dillo. LOL
I think the NRA in its past was what it ought to be. However, I have seen some less than appealing...bargaining...going on of late. I think, though, they've heard the grumbling.

I would not mind having Perry in the pool. He would, at least, make the rest get on their hind feet and work for it.

Brigid said...

Glad he might throw his hate in the ring. So far I've beeen less than impressed by most who've mentioned running. We need a strong leader, NOT another spokesmodel.

Daphne said...

Yeah, I made a small grunting noise at the NRA bit, but otherwise all good.

Six said...

Forgive me but I am admittedly fairly ignorant of Texas politics and Governor Perry. I need to do my due diligence. Does he have widespread support from conservative Texans?

LauraB said...

Six, his support is a bit divided in the liberal Austin area. And there are some who feel he has made some terrible mistakes (trans-tx corridor, mandatory vaccinations for young girls, illegal alien stance) but I think some of those things were a bit of vote pandering.

I also think that he is "seeing the light" re: the abandonment by the Feds and the truth about the border. A lot of people are seeing things as they are and the desire to preserve what is left grows.

As with all politics, it's hard to know the truth because the loudest complaints may not be the most accurate.

Six said...

Thanks Laura. I have a general affinity for most Texas conservatives I've seen and heard and just want to make sure I'm getting the straight poop from folks who know.