Sunday, May 01, 2011

An Overtly Prodding Post For Preparing

This is going to be the most disjointed and poorly presented post - I apologize in advance. But life is damned busy and I've a few things to note and little time for this outpost.

First, I have to point to this (tho I am late to it here) - Brigid, as usual, has taken the smallest mote of an idea and turned it to artistry. I am fortunate to have found my hero, comfortable in the knowledge that the two of us can and will fight for each other. It is a gift that I hope my stepdaughter can be given someday. Hell, I hope I can help it along since she's moving here in a few weeks.

Yes, someone mature, manly, strong in character and deed - and one capable of enjoying a woman who knows her mind and speaks it. She's strong - goodness, she is remarkable. But she is also at that stage in her life where it feels like she is on the verge of utter failure if she doesn't have something Big and Important to do. I remember it - along with so much pain and anger. Those were hard years, indeed. I do not like that she is in the midst of that angst but I also will not save her from it. She must struggle through it on her own and find the other side.

Admittedly, her "struggle" will be a bit easier since we're opening our home to her for awhile. But I will tell you this - I am thrilled to have her nearby in the coming days. No need for dangerous treks northward. Now, if we can just get her shooting to improve...och, she wasn't bad - just very new to it. And, of course, she liked my .45 better than Trooper's. Easier in the hand and less heavy on the front end. But I think we'll introduce her to the FN and the low-impact ammo I bought for practice/varmint work. (Those "special" rounds are damned pricey!) But first we have to get her EMT license edited for Texas and brush up on her skills - we've friends who are ready to get her on board when she's ready.

Life has been, obviously, hectic. And the world is absolutely galloping to its demise. We just continue to purchase useful things and make whatever progress we can against the bad times. The Food Storage location had no line today and a generous amount of product so I topped off our supplies. Do not forget - sugar and flour will both store in those orange buckets if you will buy the Gamma lids. Easy to stack, easy to fill, easy to use. (We like that online option for the lids - good people and you always find a good buy - worth the $ for the "membership", too.) Frankly, you can store nearly anything in the buckets and stash them wherever you think it safest.

But if you want that long-term storage (10-30 yrs), just go to an LDS cannery, buy the #10 cans and seal them up on-site. Again, you don't have to be Mormon or even give a darn about them - use their good prices on bulk, appreciate their kindness in loaning the equipment, and understand that they do not care who you are - they are happy to have people preparing to take care of themselves. Period.

As are we. Hell, I'll host a canning event for you if you aren't sure what to do. You buy your bulk items and can supplies, bring whatever else you'd like to stash in a can (wink, nod), and we can get it done. Because I firmly believe you will see the price for flour and sugar sky rocket. Do not get me going on the gas prices...suffice to say, PRI-G/D is the go-to stabilizer for your fuel products. Store it often, store a lot of it - that's my advice.

Och! Dog food! I forgot to can the dog food - well, Trooper will have to do that himself next week. Do not forget your animals when it comes to preparation. Storing large bags of food is good but not safe from varmints. Our canned dog food was still in good shape 1 year later - I wouldn't personally want to take it much farther out than that.

Don't forget can openers! You may be able to find the P-51's locally. If not, these guys have them cheaply. Toss one in every box full of cans - you never know if you'll have one handy when you need it.

I know I've bothered you folks with all this before - a number of times. But I don't want you to find yourselves on the bad side of things...and think of the kindness you might be able to extend to others in need - save yourself, help others if you can. It may be the only way out of the coming storm.


Ed Rasimus said...

Comes the revolution, I'm thinking there will be no lines at Subway and lots of parking at Sonic. Besides, I always hurt myself with a P-51. That's why Victorinox made Swiss Army knives.

LauraB said...

Ed, you are the most delicious liar. I am fairly confident you could spin that P-51 around a can without a problem.

Priest said...

Just wanted to stop by and thank you for the posts Mrs. Laura. I've been enjoying your bloggings for some months now thanks to my RSS feed.

Also, are you aware of the "food bucket" method of long term storage utilizing Mylar bags, DE Powder, and oxygen absorbers? We've had several LDS canneries bar non-church members because of shortages in our area so many members of the prepper community are going that route. It's cheaper too.

LauraB said...

You are very welcome, and I have heard of the other bucket option - our sealer won't work on the mylar so we haven't gone that route.

Sorry to know your canneries are not as open. I imagine that time will come here, too. It does help that a family member is a - er - member.

Priest said...

I'm not really worried about the Canaries closing to the public as we still have decent access to food storage using the above process, and they are still offering access if you have a friend or relative who's LDS.

Incidentally some of our members have gotten good results sealing their mylar bags just using a normal clothes iron and the edge of a board to bend the bag over.