Friday, May 27, 2011

Understand The Border

You see, the arguments aren't about why and how and if. It is about not watching someone peel the face off your loved one.

Understand this: it is going on, every day, over and over and mere miles from our nation.
They are in our small town. They are in your town. They are patient and trained (because we were fools enough to give them military training).

It is why I go armed, every hour of every day and fuck those who are frightened when the Texas wind blows the hated cover shirt about.

It is like nothing you can imagine and an entire country and generation has been steeped in it. It is coming. Please do not mistake it for mere "searching for work and a good life".


Priest said...

When I saw your post I was going to link to that SWJ article to see if you'd seen it.

My take on all this is as follows: Sheep are sheep, and they don't matter regardless of skin color, language, language spoken, or geographic locale they originate from. Sheep are content to let others dictate their lives as long as they aren't too inconvenienced. Unfortunately like most other prey animals they support large populations of predators who follow the flock wherever it goes....and it's the predators that we have to worry about. Again, unfortunately, there's no sure fire way to separate the one from the other, so the only sensible option we have is to keep both out.

LauraB said...

Your final sentiment is the one I feel we must settle on. It is not my preference - but there comes a point when survival must overcome the desire for kindness.

Priest said...

To be honest I'm not sure that this problem hasn't reached critical mass....and I'm also not sure that dealing with it won't require rooting out the symptoms all the way up to the cause. But with as many land wars as we're currently involved in, I don't know that we have the manpower/resources to do this correctly. I'm also concerned about the idea of annexing the country and then having all those votes attached to intellects without the basic education necessary to make informed decisions (note I'm not saying "right" ones).

There just doesn't seem to be a good answer to this.