Friday, June 17, 2011

Silver Whip

I have been pouting lately over the sad demise of my Explorer - it saw me through many a long road and is just a sentimental darling but...with something awry in the transmission it was time to let go.

And did I evah!

It's used and came from an engineer type with a meticulous little book of his maintenance. It made me feel immediately better about the purchase. He also added in a number of neat options (Hella lights, MP3 connection, iPhone dongle...)

I can finally cart both dogs around! For awhile, now, they've been homebound as only one could fit in the backseat of the truck. I'll have to find some good local water holes to let them swim in - the heat is a bit much for these spoiled inside types.

Cool pic, eh? Pretty sunset of pinks and purples gave the silver a mythic kind of glow - appropriate because it came with a name - one that made me grin and cheer, being a fan of the Scandihoovian archetypes - Thor.

I think its call sign will be The Hammer.

Crap - there I go grinning again.


Joan of Argghh! said...

Looks like a tumba-burro on the front, too! Verrr nice. Gotta have those extras in Texas.

When we had to drive down into Mexico and south Texas, the J.R. installed some sort of Klingon-killer photon torpedoes in our high-beams. Brought the oncoming traffic to heel when they forgot their manners and lit up the countryside like a shuttle liftoff. Made me grin every time we hit "engage."


D.W. said...

Congrats on the new ride. You can't go wrong with a Ford truck.

LauraB said...

J, I never thought of the lights as electronic counter-measures! SWEET!!

D.W. - the only vehicles I've driven in my life were all Ford. Add in their decline of the Federal Teat and you can count me a fan.

DirtCrashr said...

Good truck! Give it a biscuit! :-)

North said...

"meticulous little book of his maintenance" Us engineer-types do that!

LauraB said...

A Chickfila biscuit, D!!

North, you types are tough to live with but darned good to deal with. I envy the brains inside your noggin. Mine are naught but mush these days.

North said...

LauraB: I beg to differ. I'm an engineer, yes, but I'm easy to live with. Mrs. North will attest to that. For someone with "man parts" I do a good job of listening and supporting the womenfolk.

I still document everything...

Six said...

Congrats Laura! That is a sweet ride and the 2 dog room is pure cake.