Tuesday, July 05, 2011

What I Wish I'd Said

It came to me at midnight, failing to find sleep though so very bone-weary tired...it was the anniversary of the death of my mother. All day long the malaise settled around me and I considered everything without ever running my mind over that speedbump of history.

If I'd had any sense, I'd have noted this.

On the Fourth, we celebrate open rebellion, high treason, and disobedience.

We celebrate men who killed their countrymen for their principles.

Men who risked being demonized and executed by their government, for their principles.

Don’t you ever, ever forget that.


It’s not about apple pie, baseball, fireworks, and the Declaration of Independence.

The Fourth is about men holding to their principles strongly enough to lead to killing, rebellion, and treason.

Such actions led them to freedom.

Expensive, horrible, priceless freedom.

Arctic Patriot

Yes, that is what I meant...do read the comments for further explication and why I do enjoy this guy...

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