Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Funny

These guys have a new release out that looks interesting...and from there I found their series of outtakes. If you have ever wondered what kind of goofy crap those high speed/low drag types enjoy, it's here in spades.

Reminds me of Trooper and his buddy. Being the only girl around them can be rough. Amusing - but rough.


Ed Rasimus said...

My old hunting buddy and I used to take the "Tex and Eddie" show on the road, entertaining bar-maids, nubile waitresses and anybody we encountered with our dazzling wit and sizzling repartee but these guys send us back to the drawing board...of course they are much younger, better looking and more highly compensated.

LauraB said...

Oh, to have been the recipient of that routine! I know you guys must have had it down to an art!