Monday, August 15, 2011

It's On

Well, that goofy title could apply to rather a lot these days around the HQ. (And by HQ I mean my desk.) With the announcement on Saturday several wheels that were chocked are now released and things are in motion. We watched the speech (I wasn't as impressed as I'd like to have been with its delivery...) as Trooper noted that his boss was just behind that blue curtain.

I have been giving thought to the "cleaning up" of this place - though we all know the internet is forever - in order to avoid putting my darling man in any bad light. But I don't know that it's possible. What I have said under any guise is easily found. But it might require that I tone down a bit my own "policies" and present more dog & gun material which can hardly bother anyone.

Trooper is in a fitness mode - has been since taking on the new AO - which I aid via the daily cooler of healthy food. But he has upped things with a contest between he and my stepdaughter - most weight loss in 30 days wins. There were protests about how he could lose faster, etc. He just waved them off as he doffed the ceramic vest he'd been running in - outside. (Sweaty freak.) She surprised us both by trying on the vest and then turning out (after her own cardio workout) 8 very nice man-style push-ups with it on. I was proud, I'll admit, of them both. I'd performed (badly) an ab workout the day before and found that what I'd had has been severely compromised. I assumed it was merely missing. No, that shit up and left, people. So that's on my list of to-do's to-day.

He has his eye on some projects and plans. And he'll be on the road a lot, too, with the rest of the team for the next year or so. Which means I'll bitch a lot about having to do all the dog duty. I won't mind as much in the winter - I cannot wait for anything under 95 degrees - and perhaps by then I will be in great shape, too.

I have a goal, too. I intend to not be in the same shape at the LaRue day as I was last month. It is surprising what one sees in the mirror everyday vs. what a camera shows. I knew I was drifting a bit to "stout" but lied to myself that underneath the inches the muscles remained. Hmph. No, it's P90X for awhile along with whatever else I can manage. At least I can cook! I don't know how people do it without knowing how to make a good meal...'s on. The pressure, the athletics, the dogs, and the culinary wizardry. It will be an interesting year. If I can make it...


Six said...

My money's on you Laura. If you want it, I can't imagine there's anything beyond your reach.
One day at a time. One workout at a time.

Keads said...

What Six said.

John Venlet said...

You'll make it, Laura.

LauraB said...

K, thanks! I sure hope we manage it all.

John, you remind me of that now and again, eh?