Friday, August 05, 2011

OBR Lust

Go on - just go ahead and put on your poutiest pout. Because this old, fat chick got to shoot not only the PredatAR but - yes - hands were laid on the OBR. Trooper has been instructed to take any OT offered because I want - er, no - we NEED - one each.

Thanks, you mad fools, for making a weapon that let me his 5 out of 5 without even TRYING. I'll be seeing you in November at the official Lust Day.

(Yes, there is video evidence, and no - you cannot see it because I look horrid and refuse to bring reality to this little fantasy land. Just know that it includes Trooper cackling as each shot brought out that divine PING! of success.)

Addendum: Go here for a recent article. I see I misspelled the product name. Fixed that for ya.


Jenny said...

Neat! I'm glad you had fun!

looks like a neat toy. :)

Whassa Predator?

LauraB said...

Here ya go.

Six said...

Which one you gonna get? Not that it really matters. They're all pretty dang awesome.

Ed Rasimus said...

LaRue means love! There is no limit to the magic which can be deposited on an AR platform with a bookmarked LaRue Tactical web link! And they inevitably throw in a baseball cap or a "Dillo" with every order.

LauraB said...

Six, we want both but will get the OBR first. Word is a lot of OT will be coming through in his AO in the near future so we figure we can have it in time for the LaRue Day in Nov.

Ed, the Dillo gifty is gotten - I think we'll have to fight over the cap with "Owner" on the back.

Brigid said...

Insert pouting here!

LauraB said...

B, damned fine pout you got there! How much trouble has it gotten you out of? Or in *to* ? :)