Sunday, September 11, 2011

Aid and Comfort

This scene was all I could think of as Trooper watched the scenes fading in and out on the screen before his duty day. It is easy to forget as we move through our days one year to the next until the annual debriding of old wounds. And we remember the pain, fresh.

A commenter noted here, "IF we had a President worthy of that title, when the Resolution comes up in the U.N. for the U.N. to recognize the existence of a Palestinian State, our Ambassador to the U.N. would have the lights turned down low and show this video and when it was over, turn up the lights and say “The United States of America will NOT vote to give the Palestinians a state; if they should get one it should be ONLY in face to face negotiations with Israel. And henceforth, the United States of America will cease all aid to the Palestinians AND TO ANY OTHER NATION WHICH VOTES FOR THIS RESOLUTION.”
Then walk out of the General Assembly."

And it will never happen.

It is why I promise my good man - and know I have his assurance in return - that there will be no surrender, no waiting, no hesitation. I will do whatever I must. To paraphrase, we must "smile when the wolf gnaws."


Brigid said...

Big hug to you both. I do plan on getting down there in the coming year just to say howdy. It would be an honor and thanks for the invite.

LauraB said...

Oh, DO! Come! Soonest...