Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Schooled

It was an amusing morning. At one point Trooper was antagonizing Kota, giving a kind of mock attack - bending over and across the sofa to get in her face...she gave him a left to the jaw so fast and hard that her paw was a blur while his surprised face remained clearly etched in space as he fell backward in slow motion. I worried for a moment that her amazingly large and sharp claws had gouged out his cheek or, ack, his eye. Then I laughed so hard I couldn't breath.

That'll learn him.

Later, I saw this on the site of the person I'd most like to hear sing.

Amazing artistry...and the costume! Oh, you know those do not come cheap. Lovely...

Last night, Trooper told me he was having a hankering for his Appalachian home. Seems this was remembered and rediscovered - the way he spent his youthful Sunday mornings before church. Look at that hair! And the clothes...goodness.

I suppose it all started from this. I love that music and we watched it the other evening...but then he found this lovely voice and we spent some time enjoying her this morning before he had to get ready to go. (He keeps laughing at the little boys' comment at the start...)

All of it a reminder of home, of being gone so long, of a yearning for a green and fresh world after a year so bereft of any such thing. There is an avenue - just past Highland - where the trees bend over and drop their autumn gold on the road. I ache to see them falling like rain...

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Don said...

That young lady has an amazing voice. Reminds me of Alison Krauss. I used to get lots of exposure to bluegrass and country gospel when visiting my paternal grandparents; that kind of music will always remind me of them.