Saturday, October 29, 2011

Making Men Happy - It's Easy

From the first day I met him, I knew Trooper was a man who had once held the very best weaponry in his hands and had skills to use each one professionally. Sadly, you do not get to keep them. And so...I have hoped to replace those missing pieces over the years and on Friday a large component was finally scratched off the list.

The LaRue OBR is one of the most respected rifles made. And I can tell you now how I know that's a fact. Mark LaRue is an amazing gentleman. He is also one of the most frenetic men I've ever met.

We were accompanied by a good pal who is an old friend so we were given a bit more personal a welcome than most might get. And a tour of the facility that reinforced the fact that the man not only uses the best materials and machinery but that he hires the "superbowl" level machinists who love what they do and never forget those they do it for. It was an experience that few receive and one that I will always feel honored to have had.

This morning we were able to give it a thorough breaking in and I was given the distinct prvilege of being the first to shoot it. Of course, it is tested before leaving the shop so I knew it was right on target. It was just the scope that needed adjusting and the Leatherwood was quickly spot-on.

We all had a blast and I cannot wait until we are at the long range...bang a gong...

Monday, October 24, 2011

Look For The Signs

So, things in the south have been getting really ugly and there are activities taking place that do not make the news. There are tactics being deployed that cannot be discussed. And some of the reason behind that is this.

You need to start to learn the signs, the tattoos, so that you can gauge for yourself who may not be desired in your "tribe".

Some word has been getting out of fairly sophisticated actions and techniques being used in the southren battles. It is no coincidence. Add in the dissemination to that 1.4M number and you will find the math unpleasant.

I'll see if I can acquire some useful data on the signs...meanwhile, watch for those clues in your area. Target acquisition, early.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Stop It

I saw this at Tam's and it just generates exhausted sighs, now.

I have serious sympathy for anyone that has to fly for work. We haven't taken wing in a long time and I doubt we ever will again unless it is a private aircraft. And I think that may be the only solution - stop using the service. The airlines have chosen to ride along on this trip to hell - I choose to not reward them for it.

Now, the TSA road show? They know several people are driving more so I am not surprised at the TN insult. But I AM surprised that those folks stood for it. The state police ought to be no-shows if they had an ounce of Goddamned ethics and a shred of honor left.

But it does set that populace to thinking - is this a state I can continue to live in? There is a reason behind my selection of TX. Not that it is immune to such affrontery. Just that most Texans will only tolerate so much bullshit in their lives.

One thing I think we ought to do...aircraft. It stays in my mind and I cannot let it go...especially after the flight recently in a craft that will hold rather a lot of gear and family.

But I do it time to start getting to know each other? Should we understand where we each are and our strengths and ETAs if things go all pear-shaped? Friends...ports in has been on my mind a lot lately.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Pre-bay: Bianchi 77 Piranha Holster

Through a rather silly set of steps, we've wound up with a holster that we do not need instead of the one we do. If it suits you, the $58 unit can be yours for $45 + USPS Priority Box shipping.

Says it fits 9mm/.40 Automatic Glock 17, 22 - check the link below for your gun...
Bianchi Model 77 Part No. 24100

Never out of its box, never used. Plain, Tan, Right Hand just like shown here.

Let me know!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Quick Draw

So Trooper has started working at and participating in the three gun thing lately. He's pretty damn good and we've much of the proper gear for it. But I don't know that he'll get this fast...But it sure is fun practicing!!

Ann Hits A Solid

She doesn't have single links to items so allow me to paste the entire thing in here. I have detested BofA for YEARS. I only bank with our local small bank that took no part in any bailout. Find your local banker and get with them.

Um, I think we should all stop paying taxes now.
Posted by Ann Barnhardt - October 18, AD 2011 7:10 PM MST

I think I'm going to withdraw my consent to be taxed by the Federal Government after this. Bank of America, as we have previously discussed, is exposed on Over-The-Counter forward contracts to the tune of $75 TRILLION, which is more than FIVE TIMES the total economic output of the United States in one year.

They are now moving contracts from a segregated trading division within the Bank Holding Company which operates under the venerable name "Merrill Lynch" to their retail banking division alongside their customer deposits in order to get these contracts under the umbrella of the FDIC.

It is known that Merrill Lynch had OTC exposure of $22 Trillion. So, in shifting these contracts from Merrill to Bank of America, they are making YOU, THE AMERICAN TAXPAYER the de facto guarantor of these contracts. YOU ARE NOW THE "EXCHANGE". If the counterparties on these OTC contracts default, Bank of America will have recourse to turn to the FDIC to "bail them out". Where does the FDIC get its money? From the United States Treasury.

Bank of America just illegally dumped tens of TRILLIONS of dollars of OTC contracts on YOU.
But that isn't the greatest crime here. The crime is that your evil, corrupt and/or imbecilic and unqualified U.S. government regulators are not only letting this happen, but seem to be encouraging it.

A few years back my brokerage was audited by the regulatory bureaucrats, which is a standard bi-annual occurrence. These people just about had KITTENS over a six dollar interest credit which I had booked, but it was placed in a current account, and the regulators wanted it in a non-current account. Just to repeat, it was SIX DOLLARS. As in a fiver and a single. As in a modest lunch at a drive-thru fast food chain. SIX DOLLARS. This six dollars drug my audit out for WEEKS and cost me I-don't-know-how-much in CPA billing hours. And these people acted like I was some sort of criminal.

You just got illegally prison raped for $22 TRILLION dollars, America, and the fed regulators are the ones watching the door to the gang showers and videoing the whole thing on their cellphone.

There needs to be a tax strike. And I'm not joking. This has to end.

“The concern is that there is always an enormous temptation to dump the losers on the insured institution,” said William Black, professor of economics and law at the University of Missouri-Kansas City and a former bank regulator. “We should have fairly tight restrictions on that.”

Monday, October 17, 2011

WTF, Indeed!

As stolen from here (God Speed, Sir...)...

A Kind of Prayer

Courtesy of a very good friend and excellent pilot, I was able to spend a brief time in one of these. It is an amazing aircraft - a lot of room, quite stable in flight and just fun as can be. I took the wheel for about 45 seconds as he worked back to the airport but someone in the queue behind us was getting frantic so I gave it back and we worked our way to the ground.

It is a very strange thing to be in the air like that with only the most brief of statements to a tower. No searches, no fears, no bother...but I know it's like riding in someone else's boat - you only get the pleasure, not the misery of ownership.

I keep bugging the man in jest about how long it'd take to get us all to Alaska. Or "can it go to Hawaii??" Trooper and he laugh - yes, with pontoons and a lot of rowing. What a delight...what a lovely kindness to give those few moments of utter joy. Like a kid in a candy store, all I could do was giggle and watch his sure hands adjust the machine like some wizard performing magical alchemy. Oh, for the brain of a younger person...

Just for fun, we went around a local good guys' range. A friend of sorts, we felt fairly secure from incoming.

Friday, October 14, 2011

"That's Only Part of It..."

I always wondered why this movie was so touching to me. And then I read, "Portions of John Williams' music are derived from Ralph Vaughan Williams' "Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis."" - and my mind smoothes with comfortable recognition.

Audrey Hepburn's last role, she plays it with such delicacy and lightness that you can hardly stand to watch her. But then there are the planes...all the planes...and the man-filled environment with the one feminine influence. It makes me remember the one job where I was really happy - the one woman among a bunch of guys, carrying my own load. No makeup, no fancy clothes - just manual labor all day and a satisfied exhaustion as your head hits the pillow.

But I know, too, that dulled life of mourning where the only thing that works is the breathing in and out. And then that hesitant, angry yearning when the next chance at love stands in front of you.

But that's life - well, as Audrey says about death - that's only a part of it.

In these dim days when little hope shines there is sometimes only that - the knowledge that this is only a part of it. It is what I like to believe, anyway...

Add it to your movie queue, friends. Especially my wing'd ones...

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Must See - Save The Date: Feb 17

Looks amazing...

Monday, October 10, 2011

Finance Geek?

So I know my 401k is gonna be worth crap before long but...I was really needing someone who knows what they hell they're looking at to give it a peek. Essentially, I want OUT of the market. But it all is "in" and they won't let us move to gold so...

Anyone good at that sort of thing?

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Got Your Six Right Here

Well, you leave it to some people to get it right and they just don't quite get it...

I think this is a proper answer. Good man, great warrior. And some decent eye candy, no?