Monday, October 17, 2011

A Kind of Prayer

Courtesy of a very good friend and excellent pilot, I was able to spend a brief time in one of these. It is an amazing aircraft - a lot of room, quite stable in flight and just fun as can be. I took the wheel for about 45 seconds as he worked back to the airport but someone in the queue behind us was getting frantic so I gave it back and we worked our way to the ground.

It is a very strange thing to be in the air like that with only the most brief of statements to a tower. No searches, no fears, no bother...but I know it's like riding in someone else's boat - you only get the pleasure, not the misery of ownership.

I keep bugging the man in jest about how long it'd take to get us all to Alaska. Or "can it go to Hawaii??" Trooper and he laugh - yes, with pontoons and a lot of rowing. What a delight...what a lovely kindness to give those few moments of utter joy. Like a kid in a candy store, all I could do was giggle and watch his sure hands adjust the machine like some wizard performing magical alchemy. Oh, for the brain of a younger person...

Just for fun, we went around a local good guys' range. A friend of sorts, we felt fairly secure from incoming.

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Jenny said...

oh fun!!

Isn't it great when they let you drive? :)