Monday, December 19, 2011

Last Minute Shopping @ Ranger Up

If you've someone to shop for and haven't the heart to hit the stores, I can heartily direct you to RangerUp. Let me tell you what they've done - seems they had a supplier who wasn't going to make his shipment date. Well, that would mean orders already received would go unshipped. And you know what that would be?


So Tommy and his fair maiden Kelly have been on a roadtrip - they went to the very door of the supplier, found they hadn't finished a run of shirts, helped get the run done, loaded in the truck and are now steaming for home and promise that they will be there in time to make all their shipping obligations.

There is a reason I do a lot of my birthday and holiday shopping with them. Sure, it's just a shirt. But it is a shirt backed by the promise of men and women who will do what it takes to get it right and get it to you.

Better still, they have a sale - use the code BUYNOW25 and get 25% off all items until the end of Wednesday. And everything on the site will be available for the Christmas delivery deadline.

You'll find just what you need and you'll support some terrific folks who know how to Ranger Up.


Don said...

I would second your recommendation. I'm the proud owner of two of their shirts, and I can say they're extremely well made and still look good after a few years of wear.

LauraB said...

Crap - I think her name is Katy, not Kelly. Well, damn it. No matter. She ranger'd up, too.

And yes - very high quality. Trooper has a dozen or so and they are all still very crisply inked.

Daphne said...

Merry Christmas, good woman.

I hope your day was wonderful.