Monday, March 05, 2012

His Day All Day

It's someone's birthday, y'all - and you know what that means...
A gift (courtesy of one of Oleg's recommendations with a very short turn-around and great kindness), and the meal of choice. (Which now reminds me to not forget the yeast rolls, damn it!)

His selection: Roladen with mashed potatoes and zuccotto for dessert. I think I'll offer some Crack to start - just to keep them off the surprise chocolate-covered organic strawberries. The taters will be from the supplies - we use the potato pearls instead of the dried/flaked kind for our canning. You wind up with a superior product and they actually last a fairly long time. When I want to fancy them up (as I shall for tonight) I just turn them into Duchess Potatoes with the addition of some sour cream and a couple of egg yolks. A turn under the broiler gets their tops crispy.

He is off with "the team" tomorrow - hopefully just 24 hrs but one never knows. That whole "need to know" routine. So tonight will be an especially grateful evening together. After all, he reported to Trooper Boot Camp on his birthday. "Happy birthday! Now, drop and give me 40!"

So many years...where does the time go?


Keads said...

Happy BDay to the Trooper!

LauraB said...

Thankee! Full like a tick!!

Six said...

Happy Birthday Trooper!