Wednesday, March 21, 2012

You May Have Seen This Already...

...but it is worth a visit. She states clearly that the spidey senses should always be listened to - if it feels wrong, it probably is.

Street Robberies And You

I cannot ennumerate the times I've turned into a store instead of continuing down a street, used a window to watch the watchers, or just crossed a street to avoid my youth, this was a daily matter.

People - especially those who have never dealt with the underbelly types - want to think the best of others. But the bad guys are very good at what they do. And they are getting more aggressive now as they figure out just how think that line is these days. The odds of getting caught are small and the likelihood of an investigation finding them smaller still. So they're getting brave.

On our own street there are [insert any southern gang here] members who eye the orca car and myself, walking the dogs, alone. I do not mind at all that the wind blows my cover shirt aside as we pass. If it makes them think twice, that's good with me. I want them to know that it will Cost if they decide to cross the line.

But you have to see the threat first. So put the mobile down, take off the headset, and put your head on a swivel. You are on your own, no matter what you'd like to believe.


Keads said...

Good Counsel! I hope you are feeling better.

Don said...

Ditto on hoping you feel better!

As for staying alert to your surroundings, I can't agree more. When driving I never use my phone; I hand it to my wife and ask her to answer it. When we stationed in Germany eons ago, we once had a pair of guys attempt to stop us by parking their car across a chokepoint in a small village. I surprised them by driving around them (partially on the sidewalk) and speeding away. They quickly ex-fil'd in the other direction, figuring that I'd probably call the polizei. I eyeball people, hard, if I find anything suspicious about their behavior. Letting a potential attacker know, without a doubt, that you're watching them tends to keep them from attempting anything. Predators prefer inattentive prey, after all.

LauraB said...

Thanks, guys! I am feeling pretty good. I was dang lucky and I know it.

Even as a kid I knew - look `em in the eye, finger pointed down to indicate MY SPACE and the not so subtle point gets across to the rather attentive criminal.

But they're getting more brave...even that sort of bearing won't stop some...