Friday, May 25, 2012

Spoilment Seems Unseemly...

It feels a bit wrong to talk about all the recent acquisitions on a solemn holiday weekend such as we have coming up. But I am so pleased that I cannot help but want to share it...yes, with you few - you lucky few...

I finally have a PC that is worthy of this century. I have Made Do with 1990 versions of things - and the office laptop - for long enough. When Woot had the HP Pavilion G7 on sale - and the geeks kindly offered several reasonable reviews - I pulled the trigger on it. Now, I am NOT a fan of HP, generally. However, if this thing gives me a few years of service, I shall consider it fair. We have a corporate deal with Dell but I simply couldn't get the site to give me a good deal without add-ons and hooey I don't need. After all, this isn't a gaming machine.

The screen is huge. HUGE. AND it has a 10-key keyboard which may seem dumb in terms of keyboard terrain but when one has to enter data it is a boon. Speedy, very fast to load, and it gave me zero headaches in terms of finding the wireless. Quite happy!

I also got these but that is not of interest to most.

And one of these.
And - uh - some of these.
Okay, fine. yes. And this, too.

So a lot of girly stuff, a lot of comfy stuff, and a lot of useful stuff.

Have I mentioned the TRP? Heh...goodness, I cannot wait to put her on tomorrow. Macha's the name...she rooms with Morrigan. In his new safe.


Okay - seriously - the safe we had needed to be upgraded and after our good friend lost so much recently, we decided to just take care of it while we could. A friend recommended this brand so they went together and picked it up.

So there you have it. Oh - wait. Yeah. A couple of these, too. But seriously. That's IT.

Now, time to make a bit of snackage. Texas Caviar anyone?


God, Gals, Guns, Grub said...

Please don't laugh too hard... I'm actually working on blog post about women's shoes this week...

Dann in Ohio

Keads said...

Oh, GGGG? Ok, you better make it good!

Troopers Gal, it is OK, I can think of no one more deserving of a little self indulgence.

LauraB said...

4G, I cannot wait! When it comes to good boots I often have to shop in the mens section. A bit wider, they feel better...

K-buddy, thank you! It is a rare thing, indeed, and so very necessary!