Thursday, June 14, 2012

Non-Sweat Pants

Allow me to give a referral to the best pair of Texas Summer pants ever. I am a fan of the hemp/linen fabric for its cool feel as well as its strength hemp fabric is very tough, indeed. It can be hard to find good quality fabric options so I went to Etsy on the hunt.

This pair may seem pricey but bear in mind that they are custom fitted. And the fabric is amazingly soft - not all "new" hemp fabrics are - sometimes it has to be broken in. These are already perfect. If you are outside in the heat a lot and would like to keep the sun off of your legs (or arms! she makes a lot of things!) give it a try!


Jenny said...

Those are nice! I love linen - thanks for pointing to her. :)

LauraB said...

YW! I try to live in linen - but the hemp adds great stability to it. Sadly, Trooper says they are too pajama-like for town. LOL Still, walking the dogs is a comfort in them!