Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Red Light - or Blue or Green...

I had mentioned getting a few fobs from this guy. I was admittedly concerned since it was an overseas purchase but he has sold so many that I felt fairly confident and today was rewarded with the arrival of the little fobs.

A rather slick little case, it protects the tube - though you can get them without the case for less - and provides a bit of security for the fob. In the light, it is subtle and unnoticed. In the dark, it is a soft glow - enough to let you find a switch, keys, weapon, toggle, whatever - but not quite enough to give itself away to all and sundry. Forgive the pix - my camera is ancient...

I can imagine any number of instances in which one might be blacked out and happy to have that slight glow to find whatever you need. I went with red just because of the whole night vision thing but it comes in a number of shades.

A very interesting product, well made and sent registered mail to ensure it gets to you. Very pleased!

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