Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Penzey's Fans - Rack `Em!

I love the Penzey's stuff and stocked up on lots of their smaller jars to test out some of their other offerings. With the pantry already full I decided to go for counter-top storage but didn't want a mess. I happened to be in Ikea and they had a couple Bekvam racks in the scratch and dent section. Not optimal but I figured I'd make it work. They're cheap as can be, after all.
I realized that the shelves would fit the smaller jars two-deep if I could ditch that crossbar. Off to the garage with one of them - just a little sawing action and it was no more. Then it was a matter of stacking them feet to feet - or I guess upright to upright - and there you have it. A dozen wee jars on the bottom and a good 8 large ones will fit on the top - more if you want to stagger them a little.

I am a firm believer in keeping flavors handy. I know that some things you want to keep in the shade/dark of a pantry for long term storage but this is not that sort of thing. (The vanilla beans? Damn skippy.)

As for their offerings - as I noted at Kit's, the shallot pepper is a constant go-to and the venison seasoning has been in heavy rotation as I try to clean out the freezer for another season. I love their Chili 3000, too. Superb flavor. And, lastly, the paprika - so unlike the homogenized crap in the stores, this is like you remember from mom's deviled eggs. Smokey and delicious. Oh! And the salad dressing mix - they have others - is amazing. It was Brigid first turned me on to them - you can imagine my happiness to find them right behind the Starbucks!

I know that some cookery sites and offerings are more flash than bang but not so with Penzey's. They love helping you find something to suit your needs. Give them a try - just be prepared to make more room on your counter...


John Venlet said...

Laura, try Penzey's 4/S on popcorn. It't great.

Roy Lofquist said...

So glad to see you back.

Had me a little worried, gal.